Vivek Ghosal

Vivek Ghosal is Professor of Economics at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Research Fellow at the Center for Economic Studies and the Ifo Institute for Economic Research (CESifo, Germany), and Research Fellow at the Economics Network for Competition and Regulation (ENCORE), University of Amsterdam (Netherlands). Before joining the faculty at the Georgia Institute of Technology, he was an Economist at the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice where he worked on issues related to mergers and acquisitions, horizontal and vertical market power, tying agreements, bundling of products and services, price discrimination, network externalities, joint ventures, price-fixing, and cross-subsidization. Some of the markets he has investigated include information technology, electric generation and transmission, natural gas distribution, radio broadcasting, oilfield drilling and services, and domestic and international postal. While at the Antitrust Division, the investigative procedures and competition advocacy issues lead him to interact with other governmental agencies such as the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of State. Professor Ghosal’s current research and policy interests include: competition policy and law enforcement; business strategy and competitive advantage with focus on innovation, M&As and pricing; and public policies towards businesses, and business strategy. Some of the industries he is interested in are: automobiles; information technology; healthcare; pharmaceuticals; electricity; and pulp and paper.

He has published articles in a number of peer reviewed journals, and has book chapters published in Recent Advances in Antitrust Enforcement (MIT Press, 2006) and The Economics of Imperfect Markets (Springer, 2009). He co-edited the book The Political Economy of Antitrust published in the Contributions to Economic Analysis Series (Elsevier, 2007), and is the editor of the book Reforming Rules and Regulations: Laws, Institutions and Implementation (MIT Press, 2010, forthcoming).

As part of his work on competition policy and law enforcement, and regulatory reform, he has presented extended lectures to a wide range of international audiences. These include: teaching a graduate summer school course on “Competition Law Enforcement” at the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands); lectures on “Evaluation of Mergers and Detection of Cartels: What we can learn from the Experiences of the United States and Europe” to government officials and regulators in Lima (Peru); lectures at the Central European University (Budapest) and Ludwig Maximilians University (Munich) on merger enforcement, the proposed merger between GE and Honeywell, and industry dynamics; lectures on reforming rules and regulations at the European Commission, Taiwanese Fair Trade Commission (Taiwan); among others.

In consulting and related work, Professor Ghosal has advised international organizations, governments, consulting firms and companies on issues related to antitrust, competition policy and law enforcement, and reform of business regulations, and has provided expert report and testimony.

Professor Ghosal received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Florida specializing in Applied Industrial Organization, International Economics and Econometrics.

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