Charles R. Plott

Charles R. Plott is the Edward S. Harkness Professor of Economics and Political Science at the California Institute of Technology and Director of Caltech’s Laboratory for Experimental Economics and Political Science. Professor Plott’s research in experimental economics has contributed to many major policy issues, including market-based processes for allocating airport access, pricing mechanisms for natural gas pipelines, auction methods for allocating the right to use public railroad tracks, and the design of the emission permit market now used in Southern California.

Professor Plott  has served as a consultant to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, testing the rules and computerized implementation systems employed by that agency’s current auction process. As a consultant for the State of California, he developed prototype systems for the testing of competing auction systems for electric power.

Professor Plott holds a PhD in economics from the University of Virginia and an MS in economics from Oklahoma State University.

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