Steven Tschantz

Steven Tschantz is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Vanderbilt University, where he has taught since 1984. His areas of specialization include logic, universal algebra, and computer algebra. Among his classes at Vanderbilt, he teaches mathematical modeling in economics.

Professor Tschantz has devised, developed, and programmed simulation models to address such economic issues as the effects of merger efficiencies on consumers; the price effects of post-merger product repositioning; competition among firms with capacity constraints; and the effects of assumed demand for simulating post-merger equilibrium.

Professor Tschantz has published research on these topics that have appeared in such journals as the Journal of Industrial Economics, European Competition Journal, and the Review of Industrial Organization, among others. He has consulted on merger investigations in a variety of industries, including long-distance telecommunications, health care, cable TV, parking systems, and soft drinks.

Professor Tschantz holds a PhD in mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley.

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