Experts in Antitrust and Intellectual Property

Competition Economics provides consulting services in four primary practice areas: Antitrust, Damages, Intellectual Property and Regulation. Our experts frequently work across practice areas, and we are particularly suited to analyze emerging issues involving the intersection of antitrust and intellectual property.

In each practice area, we combine industry research with the latest advances in microeconomics and the statistical analysis of economic data.

Over the past two decades, our senior professionals have worked together to assist clients in hundreds of cases. Although we frequently consult on matters involving high technology, health care, and network industries, such as airlines, telecommunications, and energy, our expertise spans a range of industries, including:

  •     Agricultural products
  •     Airlines
  •     Alcoholic beverages
  •     Automotive
  •     Biotechnology
  •     Book distribution
  •     Cable TV
  •     Casino gambling
  •     Chemicals
  •     Children's toys
  •     Computer chips and circuitry
  •     Computer peripherals
  •     Computer software
  •     Computers (personal and mainframe)
  •     Financial services
  •     Food products
  •     Funeral products and services
  •     Health-care
  •     Home video
  •     Medical devices
  •     Natural gas and electric utilities
  •     Newspaper publishing
  •     Oil and gas pipelines
  •     Pharmaceuticals
  •     Retail gasoline
  •     Semiconductors
  •     Soft drinks
  •     Telecommunications
  •     Vitamins
  •     Wood products