CE Director’s Co-Authored Case Study of the Hertz-Dollar Thrifty Merger to be Published in The Antitrust Revolution (7th edition)

CE Director Michael Doane co-authored a case study of the Hertz – Dollar Thrifty merger that illustrates both how the U.S. federal enforcement agencies assess likely competitive effects from proposed mergers of competitors, and the procedures that are employed when cases do not go to litigation.  This case study also illustrates the practice of “fixing” an otherwise anticompetitive merger, and the potential for a “fix” to fail.  See Michael J. Doane, Luke M. Froeb, Gregory J. Werden & David M. Zimmer, “Hertz–Dollar Thrifty: Fixing a Merger to Avoid Litigation,” The Antitrust Revolution: Economics, Competition, and Policy (John E. Kwoka, Jr. & Lawrence J. White, eds., 7th ed., forthcoming 2018).
The Antitrust Revolution is a leading textbook that examines the critical role of economic analysis in recent antitrust case decisions and policy.

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