Experts in Antitrust and Intellectual Property

Competition Economics provides economic research and consulting services to law firms, corporations, and government agencies. The focus of our research and consulting is in four practice areas: antitrust, damages, intellectual property, and regulation.

Our directors and academic affiliates are distinguished experts in their respective fields and testify with authority on complex issues arising in business litigation and regulation in the United States and around the world.

Competition Economics Director Dr. Michael A. Williams assists $504.5 million settlement agreement in an antitrust class action over the ISDAfix

CE Consultant Ellen Li, and co-authors Elena Krasnokutskaya and Petra Todd to publish an upcoming article entitled “Product Choice under Government Regulation: The Case of Chile’s Privatized Pension System” in the International Economic Review

CE Director Professor Simon J. Wilkie, Professor Melanie Stallings Williams, CE Director Dr. Michael A. Williams, CE Principal Wei Zhao, and Christopher Burke, Stephanie Hackett and David Mitchell to publish an upcoming article entitled “Masters of the Universe: Bid Rigging by Private Equity Firms in Multibillion Dollar LBOs” in the University of Cincinnati Law Review

CE Academic Affiliate Professor Justine Hastings and CE Director Dr. Michael A. Williams to publish an upcoming article entitled “Market Share Liability: Lessons from New Hampshire v. Exxon Mobil” in the Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation

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